Pardner’s Trust Book 1: Cowboy Up


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Pardner’s Trust is an expansive and engaging story about the relationships among a young cowboy, a horse and the West they inhabit. Ricky Richardson is a fresh-faced cowboy whose life is whipsawed by the challenge that affects us all – dealing with life on life’s terms. Much is hitting Ricky at once – searching for work in tough economic times; committing himself to his new wife, Jessie; and providing for a child that’s on the way. Ricky is determined to make a good life, and it’s that nose-to-the-grindstone ethic that leads him to a decent ranch job and a devoted relationship with a horse called Pardner. If Ricky needed a horse so he could work at Bob Laramore’s ranch, Pardner needed a cowboy patient enough to understand his fickle ways. Slowly, but surely, rider and horse start building unfailing trust in each other.
At a time when books and films go unstoppable lengths to depict a fearful, technologically driven culture running on equal parts of sex and violence, Pardner’s Trust pulls in a necessary and welcome direction. There are no glistening bodies and not a whiff of gun smoke in its pages. But there are important messages. Yes, there is bad out there. But there also is a lot of good – and that’s where we should place our trust.

Fredrick Schoemehl, Editor, The Tombstone Epitaph.