Friends in Deed — Book Two of Pardner’s Trust

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Friends in Deed is an apt title. It truly is a story of what deeds friends can do. Ricky’s friends are many, old and new. He is the kind of young man anyone would want for a friend even though he has his flaws. Those were clearly evident during Jessie’s time in the hospital as he shows his human side. If anything, the reader will like him even more because of the meltdown.

Dale introduces us to new characters and he does so in a way that we feel we know them well. Ricky and Jake’s new friend, Flemming, is a new favorite character. The transformation he goes through is incredible.

Dale writes in a fast pace. He has an incredible ability to include so much description and emotion is so few words. His writing style and his knowledge of ranching and ranch life make this a very enjoyable read. This book has it all, triumph, defeat, sadness and joy. As you close it you will say, “That’s a dang good book.”