Old Dodger-A Poem

“Phone’s for you,” my good wife said. “It’s Buster calling round.” “He wants you to bear the flag at the gathering in town.” “Fourth of July this Saturday,” he says to let me know “Our mounted group will lead the parade, I’ve been searching high and low For man and horse to represent the Sheriff’s Posse men I know you’re busy on the ranch with work that never ends But your horse Dodger acts the best round crowds and noise and such And the flapping flag won’t bother him like … [Read more...]

A fun story you might enjoy

Line Shack Skunk by Randall Dale       1933 The Blue Wilderness, East Central Arizona “Hello, the house,” the middle-aged couple heard as they stacked the last of the home-canned beets on the shelf. It was fall in the high country and that meant getting ready for winter. There was ranch work to be done, but the fall canning took precedence because they would be living on the vegetables from Mrs. Fritz’s garden. Besides, the cowboys hadn’t shown up yet for the fall … [Read more...]